Symptoms of perimenopause

The early signs of menopause are numerous. During perimenopause, women are subject to irregular cycles, characterized by lighter menstruation, often longer and more painful. Some women will experience amenorrhea, which is to say they will not have their periods for several months or breakthrough bleeding, that is to say they have contingency flows.

75% of women will experience hot flashes and night sweats and morning. Due to hormonal changes, the mood is very changeable. During this period, women may feel depressed, anxious or irritable. Sleep can be disrupted, resulting in phases of insomnia, which exacerbate their symptoms. We also see a decrease in libido, of course transient in most women.

Other events, women often feel bloated or constipated and victim of headaches. The breast tenderness are also more intense.

It is important to relativize. Each woman will not experience any symptoms and they last a particular time. Be reassured.

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