Symptoms of perimenopause

The early signs of menopause are numerous. During perimenopause, women are subject to irregular cycles, characterized by lighter menstruation, often longer and more painful. Some women will experience amenorrhea, which is to say they will not have their periods for several months or breakthrough bleeding, that is to say they have contingency flows.

75% of women will experience hot flashes and night sweats and morning. Due to hormonal changes, the mood is very changeable. During this period, women may feel depressed, anxious or irritable. Sleep can be disrupted, resulting in phases of insomnia, which exacerbate their symptoms. We also see a decrease in libido, of course transient in most women.

Other events, women often feel bloated or constipated and victim of headaches. The breast tenderness are also more intense.

It is important to relativize. Each woman will not experience any symptoms and they last a particular time. Be reassured.

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The PS returns to the factory.

Forgotten, the young commuter, a key figure of the 2007 campaign. Francois Hollande woos working-class voters in the priority. Good news, according to Quebec journalist.(Le Devoir Montrea)They had virtually disappeared from the landscape since the heyday of the 1970s leftist.But they are back with their hard hats, boots of workers and their big calloused hands.They are on the pictures of the countryside, where they pose with candidates for the French presidential election. All contenders are now lining up at the factory gates, where they compete for the vote of this respectable lady that used to be called the working class. In stark contrast with previous campaigns. The candidates then seeking to put next to disadvantaged youth in the suburbs, we had fun with dress up as young American ghettos. Far from the big red spot Grandpa, it was time to "diversity". It was absolutely necessary to be open to all minorities, even more care towards the children of immigrants, who were to symbolize all by themselves the future of France.
Popular strata neglected
The comparison would be anecdotal and simple matter of electoral marketing if it does not mark a big red mark the return of the popular classes in French politics. A return that could be a lesson outside of France, perhaps even in Quebec. What has happened? Of course, there was the crisis and unemployment, which particularly affect the working classes. But there has mostly been taking. realize that surfing for years on the illusions of globalization, technological revolution, the cult of youth and multiculturalism, almost all political parties had abandoned the working classes to the National Front. All statistics show that this populist party with xenophobic overtones is one that the electorate has the most popular. And for good reason: it is the only one who chose to systematically courting this population, which, if we add employees, still represents a two voters.

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Youth and the Crisis of Civilization.

The phenomenon of youth gangs first presents information of interest on the psychology of adolescents poorly understood, and then to show that some processes even less explored, at work in contemporary society. This is especially the first aspect that caught the attention of specialists, particularly in France, while the second, beyond the apprehension of a recent sociology itself became, in 1958, the hackneyed theme of a certain journalism. The main thing is to say the risk of a revolutionary change in contemporary society, was thus avoided, or better, exorcised. Yet it is clear that the "growing pains" of youth is but a symptom of a wider growth of the company itself.

This suggests that the third and most important bands of the phenomenon of interest, and the real justification of his study - due to the fact that this is not a pure manifestation of the unknown and original, but a essentially characterized by the fact that his refusal against the company. This phenomenon, because it reveals the processes whose origin is as obscure as their consequences seem formidable, led, from its appearance, a social reaction that gave him his own face, that of a marginal phenomenon. Such is the origin of the myth of black-jackets, now predetermining any apprehension of the facts and placing any reflection on youth within a mythic structure which acts for the company instituted a sort of fog defensive. This screen prevents observers to grasp that there is a real trend of contemporary society as it seeks to repress, including a repressive handling of his symptoms.

An ill-posed problem.
The problem of the future of Western civilization is disguised as "youth problem", creativity reduced to the ability to adapt. This reduction affects not only the vision of the observers, it also determines or deflects the actions of those it affects. The myth of black-jackets and countless avatars build the theater where the actors appear this historiographical drama aborted that are "bands" and the challenge, since its emergence, is transformed into juvenile delinquency, and the revolutionary potential are reduced to identify with robbers.

This is because the phenomenon itself to observation, blurred, deflected and reinterpreted in advance, that its study is necessary. "All science is the science of hiding," said Bachelard. Now, about the tapes, the company is hiding something of herself, and the cache is the phenomenon itself. As the observer, as a member of the society which he undertook to update the "hide", he is obliged, if he does not want to echo the reigning ideologies, to conduct a "reduction "advance of the phenomenon to understand the various components, to undertake its decoding, to trace the dialectic, in its successive coagulations, constitutes it.

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